Privacy Statement

Your & my privacy do count…

For commenting I require you (the comment giving reader, in fact, a writer) to give a name and an email address. That is only for identifying yourself on this site and for me being able to contact you if needed. I do not harvest email addresses for mailing lists or to fill your inbox with spam.

Technical protocols told the easy way; Your IP address is known by this site. You (the visitor, hopefully reading and commenting) know the IP address of this site (most likely by a more meaningful alias, like the domain name). Both IP addresses are needed to be able to communicate, nothing more.

Everybody needs cookies. The tastefulness of cookies is a matter of personal taste. I do my best to only serve the most tasteful cookies in order to keep you happy.

Selling or sharing with third parties of the above-mentioned data would give me a revenue not even near to the wages of my daytime job. So there is no reason to do it.

But above all, be aware that anything you share on the internet might be publicly available to a certain degree. Safeguard your privacy, please.