There are never enough communities


There is no such thing as enough communities. So, Sander van de Velde, Remco Ploeg and I, started a new Dutch technical community; the Azure IoT Community.

Thursday the 2nd of November 2017 we will have our first community evening dedicated on the Microsoft IoT ecosystem. This ecosystem spans from the devices (eg. Windows 10 IoT Core) to the IoT platform in the cloud (Azure IoT platform on Microsoft Azure).

The agenda for the second of November will be;

17:30 Walk in & diner
18:30 The vision of Microsoft on IoT
Valery Jacobs (Microsoft)
19:00 IoT networks
Jan Willem Smeenk (Sodaq)
19:30 Azure IoT Edge
Jan Willem Groenenberg, Sander van de Velde & Remco Ploeg
(Atos & Winvision)
20:15 Drinks

The location to be: Winvision, Marconibaan 12 in Nieuwegein.

If you want to join reserve your free ticket at:

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