Skechers GoRun Ride3 Nite Owl review

When I got home from the Microsoft TechEd Europe 2014 conference in Barcelona last week, there was a package delivered to me. The Skechers GoRun Ride3 Nite Owl shoes had arrived. I have won these shoes in a raffle at Runner’s World Netherlands’ website and offered by Skechers Benelux. Unpacking the box showed a small bag to store the shoes in while not running, a pair of Skechers GoRun Ride3 Nite Owl size 42.5 and a pair of inlay soles to adjust the shoe drop from 4mm (without the inlays) to 8mm. Since I normally run in shoes with a drop of 0mm, I left the inlays in the box. WP_20141101_00_26_08_Pro-small

As you can see, the shoes are flashy bright fluorite green. They are actually as bright as they are in the photo in normal light as well. A nice touch to the shoes is the fact they have glow in the dark parts. I charged the shoes for 15 minutes in bright sunlight and then walked into a dark spot to see the effect.


As you can see the shoes really glow in the dark. Together with the normal reflection stripes on the shoes, this will help to get you seen if you run in the dark. Which is more common with a demanding day job and shorter days during winter time.

How do they fit?

I have worn them during the weekend to walk around on doing my daily stuff. I wore them bare feet and noticed some things.

  • There are little to no seams to be felt inside.
  • I instantly felt some spots that would cause hot spots or worse during running, if I would wear them bare feet.
  • Since I normally run in 0mm drop shoes with no to very little cushioning, the Skechers feel elevated and very comfortable with quite some cushioning compared to the shoes I normally wear.
  • The 4mm drop isn’t a real gradually from heel to toes. I felt a noticeable drop under my mid foot. But after wearing them for several hours, it was no longer noticeable.
  • Even though the sole seems pretty thick compared to the shoes I usually run in, they are still very flexible. You can twist and roll it almost 180 degrees.

Maiden run

Of course, you can only review running shoes if you take them for a run. The maiden run for the Skechers was a 60 minute D2 run from my training schedule. Since I felt possible hotspots during wearing them just walking around, I took no risk and wore socks.


The shoes work well for me. I ran several runs on them, but the hotspots in combination with certain socks still cause some blisters on long runs. Wearing different socks solves that problem.

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